Amp Live's Album 'Headphone Concerto' Featured in Toast Magazine

Amp Live's album 'Headphone Concerto’  was featured in a round-up of highlights of the year in the January edition of Toast magazine (Sheffield).

Check out the full review here:

Amp Live - Headphone Concerto: 

I love this album and cained it through the summer in the car, I found it in a pile of promos and had no idea what I was putting on but the sleeve artwork looked dead cool with a 70’s feel to it. I love its total creativity and the way it freely explores sounds, samples, vocals and beats. Amp Live (of Zion I) pulls in influences from dance music, jazz hip hop and broken beats. Throws them in a pot, adds some orchestral strings and cooks up a concerto. Stand out tracks 100,00 Watts and Last Wall.

Picked by Si McLean